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Concert in the penitentiary and flash mob at Iulis Mall

On June 31, the choir from Denmark concerted in the High Security Penitentiary in Cluj-Napoca, the Outside Section of the Gherla Penitentiary. Approximately 80 women deprived of their liberty have participated in this program.
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Concert in the penitentiary and flash mob at Iulis Mall

The songs of the South City Gospel Choir excited the audience and opened the hearts of the audience for the testimony of Neil Harvey, the pastor writer turned to God from a tumultuous life. At the end of the meeting, each one received a copy of Neil's "Uncaged" book.

In the second part of the day a flash-mob was organized in Iulius Mall, one of the major shopping centers in Cluj-Napoca. People stopped off their activities and listened with joy to the songs of Denmark. At the end, everyone applauded and was delighted with what they heard. The management of the mall was pleasantly impressed by the event and left an open door for other collaborations of this kind.

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