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With children at the Cinema

On January 31, 2019, children from the After-School program, who came from disadvantaged families in Cluj County, were rewarded on the occasion of the first semester of this school year, with a visit to the cinema.
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With children at the Cinema

The kids were beautifully dressed and taken to one of the malls in the city of Cluj-Napoca to see the animated movie "Wreck-It Ralph 2" with the volunteers of the foundation. For the first time in a cinema and a first 3D experience, joy was read on the faces of children who stood still and in silent throughout the entire movie. Popcorn and juice were also given in order for them to enjoy the whole experience of a cinema.

The purpose of this activity was to appreciate the learning outcomes of the 10 Rescue children. Also, this kind of activity aims at encouraging children to continue to attend school, to persevere in school education and to acquire integrity worthy of the society in which we live, to rise above the others in their environment and to adhere to a life like those who surrounded them.

The activity was sponsored by the Relevant Church Cluj-Napoca who is actively involved in the activities of the Rescue Foundation. We want God to bless them and we enjoy every collaboration that comes to support the people in need from Cluj County.