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Visit to Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum

"After work you get rewarded", also the Rescue Foundation's "After School" children, are rewarded monthly for their evolution in school behavior and outcomes. This time, the reward was a visit at the Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum and a visit to the city's central park where they served lunch and played with the Foundation's volunteers.
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Visit to Cluj-Napoca Zoological Museum

Thinking that this time they will go to town, the children have prepared themselves early, washing their shoes and choosing the most beautiful clothes they have folded and putting them aside waiting to see what they will discover this time.

In the first part of this little excursion, the children enjoyed the first time at the Zoological Museum in Cluj-Napoca, where they were impressed by the species of animals they have not yet heard about but were happy to discover the animals that, they only saw in the coloring books or in the books they read. Big and small cats, birds of all sizes and other mammals have been a real delight for the little explorers.

From this mini-trip the games wasn't left out, so after the visit to the museum, the children went to the Central Park in the city, where after dining they played together with the two volunteers who were with them during the day, Magda from the Relevant Church and Codruta from the Pentecostal Church "SperanĊ£a".

We thank God for everything that has prepared for the children of the program, but also the Church of the Relevant, for this activity and for involvement in various activities of the Rescue Foundation. This activity in addition to reward aims to encourage children to change their behavior in interaction with those around them, and to develop themselves more and more in learning.

We are glad to see daily that God is making changes in children's lives and to see their evolution throughout the 3 years since the start of the "After School" program where we work with 10 children from disadvantaged families.