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God still seeks the lost ones!

Special meeting at Gherla Penitentiary, the Outside Section, Cluj-Napoca, where 9 volunteers had a moral-Christian program for 90 women deprived of their liberty.
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God still seeks the lost ones!

The program was divided into 2 meetings due to the differential execution regime of the respective penalty: closed, open and semi-open regime. At the first meeting, there was a discussion of "The lost sheep." The message was exposed by Vasile Hozan, who explained how we humans, like the sheep from the parable, manage to wander in different ways but God who is the Good Shepherd seeks and rejoices when he finds us.

At the second meeting the same speaker spoke in front of those present about the Samaritan woman whom Jesus met at the well. The message extracted from this text is the importance of honestly recognition of guilt before God

In addition to the sermon, the people present at the two meetings were able to listen to songs from the Elim group, Bistrita, coordinated by ┼×ut Lucian.

Volunteers also gave 150 packages that consisted of hygiene products and stamped envelopes. We thank them for their service and for the financial contribution they brought.