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Project "The Fig tree" - Lotus Therapeutic Center Gherla

Another moral-educational project takes place in the Gherla Penitentiary, the Lotus Therapeutic Center, a project titled "The Fig tree", a motto: "Have patience with me, God has not finished my corners all the way"
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Project "The Fig tree" - Lotus Therapeutic Center Gherla

The project addresses to women deprived of liberty in the Lotus Therapeutic Center within the Gherla Penitentiary and is coordinated by the pastor of the Church of the Living River Church Cluj-Napoca, Romeo Popan.

We live in a society in which values are negotiated, virtues become relative and morality has regressed. This phenomenon of moral devaluation has direct consequences on the dignity of the human being. That is why this project aims at recovering people through the teachings of the Bible and bringing it into the stage of fruitfulness.

The project consists of 13 themes alongside 13 weekly meetings each theme having a direct link to the purpose of this project.

During the project, the themes will be based on the ”Fig tree”, the story from the Bible, and we will discuss about the purpose of a fig, which are the favorable and unfavorable conditions in the fulfillment of the purpose, the need for care by a gardener and the fruit harvested.

The project started on February 12, 2019. We propose that at the end of the project, the present women should directly affirm the desire to change their lives and make measurable steps in this regard.