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Steps toward changing

Another ongoing project is the educational program "Steps toward Changing", which aims to optimize conceptions, feelings, attitudes and behavior in crisis situations, to make decisions constructively and creatively by the persons deprived of their liberty who participates in the program.
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Steps toward changing

The program includes 7 men deprived of their liberty from the Maximum Security Penitentiary in Aiud, section 1. The course started in March and will take place over a 12-week period, and the coordinator is Costi Pop.

The goal of the program is for participants to discover their attitudes that can destroy their lives and change their behavior to acquire new relational and communication skills. The information gathered will help them in the relationship with the civil society after release from custody of the Aiud Penitentiary.

The themes approached within the program are: Choices, Capacities and personal limits, Discovering their personal values, Making right decisions, Consequences of our decisions, Walking in the light, Walking in love, Staying in Christ, Living in righteousness, God is love, Is God our Father ? .

At the end of the meetings, we want to see growth and maturity in their relationship with God.